About Us

About us



The Iranian Textiles Specialists Association was initially founded in February 1992, holding its inaugural convention at that time.  However, due to various reasons, the association ceased its operations until the summer of 2002 when resumed its activities with the support of new members from Iran's Chamber of Commerce. The association now comprises approximately 500 individuals with diverse educational backgrounds in textiles, ranging from undergraduate to doctoral degrees. 

Since then, the association has undergone six election periods and is currently in its 7th term. The board comprises 9 primary members and 3 substitutes who are elected every three years through member voting. These remarkable individuals, including university professors and industry professionals, have played a vital role in the association's growth, and we are sincerely grateful for their contributions.



. Achieving the highest position among other NGOs in textile industry.

. Ensuring widespread awareness among the public and government officials regarding the valuable and creative role of the textile industry in Iran's economy.



. Assisting managers and policymakers in identifying their companies' areas for improvement through consulting services

. Enhancing the skills and abilities of members through effective training programs

. Aiming to reach a substantial 70% of the textile specialists’ community

. Ensuring the protection of the rights of textile and clothing professionals



.  We want to encourage creativity and help our members become more competitive, by working closely with them and promoting partnerships.

. Our goal is to provide our members with easy-to-use resources, valuable connections, new ideas, and insights into the future.

. We aim to make it easier for our members to work together on advanced textile education and research.



We aim to maximize our membership by attracting a diverse community of engineers and experts from the textile and clothing industry.



1.Fully committing to our statute

2.  Complying with basic moral principles including honesty and justice

3. Building a strong and connected community of Iranian textile specialists

4. Understanding and meeting the current and future needs of the textile community efficiently

5. Creating a sense of responsibility and accountability to the members of the Iranian textile

Specialists’ community

6. Elevating the reputation of textile experts throughout the country

7. Seeing our clients as valuable partners in creating value together